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Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

Since they were invented in 1901, vacuum cleaners have been widely used in most households for cleaning purpose as they provide a better and faster alternative wdo my homework for me buy an essayay by using suction to suck up the dust off your house than the traditional method with broomsticks and mops. After more than one hundred years, vacuum cleaners have been innovated much further that they look somehow different from the original ones. Vacuum cleaners now come with a variety of types from stick vacuums to hand-held vacuums to even “hands-free” robotic vacuums running around the house by themselves. However, bagless and bagged vacuum cleaners are two of the most used types. Here are some analysis of how bagless vacuum cleaners differ from bagged ones and a recommendation for the best bagless vacuum cleaner in the market.

Bagged Vacuum Cleaners are pretty self-explanatory. They use a bag attached to the vacuum to trap dirt and debris while still allow the air to go through. It’s needed to be replaced when the bags are full. This makes bagged vacuum cleaners sound not so economical for those who have a tight budget. Having the need to change the bags periodically in the long run is definitely not environmental-friendly at all. It may be inconvenient that you have to remember to check the bag whenever it’s full. It also means you stuck with the same bags ‘till it’s full and by the time it actually is full, some dirt and debris has already been decomposing and creating bad smell inside the bag. However, a benefit of this type is that you don’t have to contact with the dust and debris as you only have to slip the bag out and replace with the new one.


As the name explains itself, bagless vacuum cleaners don’t come with a bag. Dirt and debris are stored in a chamber with a clear view so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to change the bag. Things sound pretty simple when all you need to do is just to empty the cup when the dust fills up to the line. If something accidentally gets sucked up into the vacuum, it can be easily removed from the dirt cup. However, emptying the chamber can be a pretty messy process and you get to edo my homework for me buy an essayxpose to the dust. Depending on some models, there might be a filter attached to the chamber that needed to be brushed, washed, or even replaced. One common problem that most of the bagless vacuum cleaners face is that dust tends to build up at the bottom of the container if the cup hasn’t been emptied after a long time. You might need to shake the chamber or get your hands involved and pull out the compacted dust.

Since cleaning bagless vacuum cleaners might sound pretty “labor-intensive”, here are some steps to clean your vacuum probably.

  • Remove the dirt cup from the vacuum body and empty the trash
  • Take the canister apart, get rid of the stubborn dust and fluff, rinse well under warm water and let to dry
  • If your vacuum comes with a filter then you need to clean it as well, It’s best to read the manual to see how to take care of your filter.
  • Do not forget the hose. Things stuck in there, too. Pull out any piece of items of hair causing hose blockage.
  • A bagless vacuum cleaner needs a thorough clean up every two months to keep running well.


To compensate for those complicated steps, here are some benefits of bagless vacuum cleaners that may outweigh the bagged ones

  • As mentioned above, using a bagless vacuum cleaner can be economical in the long run for those who have a tight budget as it doesn’t require periodically bag-changed. A bagged vacuum needs an average of $24 for bag replacement every year. It’ll be triple if you use odor eliminating bags. $72 is when we talk about the cost of a brand-new vacuum cleaner.
  • A bagless vacuum cleaner is way more environmental-friendly than the one with a bag as it clearly cuts down the amount of used paper bags. Moreover, the discarded debris and dust can even be composted to be fertilizer for your plants.  
  • You don’t stick with a bag ‘till it’s full with a bagless vacuum. You can empty the chamber whenever you want, even when the dust hasn’t reached the line yet. Therefore, you don’t have to face the smell of decomposing dust stuck in a bag for too long.
  • As bagless vacuum uses cyclonic technologies that help the vacuum never lose it suction, unlike the bagged ones.


Here is the best bagless vacuum cleaner to buy in 2018 according to

Shark Navigator Lift-away Professional (NV352) has made its way to the 10 best vacuum cleaners in 2018 as the best overall vacuum. It claims the top spot of the best vacuum for families as it’s a powerful, lightweight (around 12.5 pounds) vacuum and an overall value. It’s really easy to use and assemble the vacuum. One of the advantages of a bagless vacuum is that it maintains its powerful suction while using on carpet or bare floors and doesn’t lose it over time. The vacuum comes with the Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology equipped with a HEPA filter that traps dust, irritants and 99.9% of allergens. This is the perfect care-free product for those who suffer with allergies. The vacuum can move easily with the help of a swivel steering. One special feature of this model is that the portable canister is detachable which helps the vacuum reach small corners or hard-to-reach places with its 25-foot-long cord.


However, this model has some downsides, too. As some reviews on Amazon points out, the most common problem with this vacuum is the heavy top as it easily tips over. If you’re not careful and pull the vacuum, it will fall on its back (especially with the attachments on). Falling on its back causes the plastic parts of the vacuum to break as the product is too delicate since most of the parts are made from plastic. As a price of around $150.00, users could expect more metal on this product than plastic.

Overall, it’s still a very good vacuum that works well at a reasonable price.

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