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Home care scores with new vac filter bags


Home Care Industries has gone from bags to riches by improving a little known but very profitable item for retailers: vacuum cleaner filter bags.

The company, which pioneered melt-blown vacuum cleaner bags, which offer superior filtration to ordinary vac bags, introduced a version of the bag with an inner liner that also kills bacteria. So far, the response from both retailers, private-label companies and original equipment vacuum cleaner manufacturers has been extremely positive.

“With our two-ply Micro-Clean vacuum bags, we thought we had a product with all the bells and whistles because we were capturing common indoor irritants and pollutants as small as 0.1 microns,” said Mark Bosses, vice president of Home Care. “But even when you get down that small, there are still some microscopic particles that escape. That’s why we’re now treating our bags with Bactrastat. If small bacteria do escape, they are killed by the treatment. That makes the home environment healthier and cleaner.”

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The new bags have become the talk of the industry.

“I’ve seen the new product and I’m very impressed,” commented one industry source. “They [Home Care] seem to be in a mode of constant improvement and this is just another logical step for them.”

“What they are doing is helping the entire industry,” said one vacuum-cleaner industry executive. “They’re helping us improve our products and they’re also offering the consumer a greater value. If this thing takes off anything like their other [Micro-Clean] high filtration bags did, they will create another new product category.”

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To Mark Bosses, the introduction of Bactrastat to two-ply Micro-Clean bags is a natural progression of the industry. Indeed, Bosses thinks the industry has evolved beyond bags.

“We’re not selling a bag, we’re selling a filter in the shape of a bag that helps consumers enhance their environments,” he said.

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Bosses acknowledges the new bags cost more, but they offer the consumer a greater value, he said.

“It helps the consumer turn a regular vacuum into a high-performance vacuum,” said Bosses. “This is an inexpensive way to improve the quality of life. Vacuums are cleaning and filtering air as much as they’re cleaning carpets and other surfaces. There is a lot of value built into this type of product–and value is what consumers are looking for today.”

The new bags with Bactrastat have an electrostatically charged nonwoven inner liner that offers 99.7 percent filtration down to 0.1 microns. They are available for most major brands of vacuum cleaners.

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