Diana remained devoted to the UK-based designers with whom she collaborated throughout her life. Although some of her apparent favorites, like as Catherine Walker, have since passed away, others, such as Bruce Oldfield, are still active today, and the late princess may have sought out their work.

How would the Princess of Wales have worn in 2021 if she had been 60 years old?

Diana, on the other hand, was experimenting with international labels by the end of her life. As her celebrity grew, she developed strong friendships with designers such as Gianni Versace, whose funeral she attended, and Christian Dior, who christened a handbag she admired — and possessed in every hue — the “Lady Dior” in 1996. As she matured into a global charity ambassador, Versace in particular assisted Diana in developing a more daring style, producing tiny skirts and First Lady-esque pink skirt suits that she matched with Phillip Sommerville pillbox hats. “She was a true chameleon,” Moran added, “and she liked to mix things up from both high and low designers.” “I’m sure if she were still alive today, that would be the case.” Carlson said, though, that she would have cast a wide net. “I can’t see her being enslaved by any one designer,” he remarked.

Joy and vengeance

Princess Diana’s later years were marked by happy, trendy experimentation as she emerged from the palace’s shadow. Princess Diana was a “everywoman figure” for Moran, who launched the Lady Di Revenge Looks account after her own breakup. Her post-breakup metamorphosis served as an inspiration. According to Moran, a newly empowered Princess Diana traded in her court shoes for “very high Jimmy Choos and Chanel heels,” which would have made her tower above her former husband, who was of similar height. Diana had requested a “very short” dress during one of her last sessions with designer Roland Klein, according to British Vogue. “I resisted,” he remembered, “but she replied, ‘I’ll be criticized no matter what I do, so let’s just do it.”

Diana had found styles and designers that she liked at this time, according to Moran. “I think she figured out her look by the time she was 35 (or) 36,” she said, implying that Diana’s wardrobe mainstays (“blazers, crisp Giorgio Armani pants, Versace and Dior handbags”) would still work for her today. “I could just as well picture her gravitating toward The Row’s sinuous, simple forms,” Moran remarked. Princess Diana’s black Christina Stambolian “revenge dress,” an asymmetric, figure-hugging little dress she wore to a London event the day Prince Charles publicly admitted to having an affair, seemed to signify her emancipation. “That night, she completely spun her tale,” Moran added. “From there, I believe she drew a line where she was in command, and she was demonstrating it to everyone. Clothing has the power to make others fearful of you, scared by you, respect you, or whatever else you want.” Although Princess Diana was known to re-wear clothes, it is unlikely that if she were still alive today, she would revisit her most memorable garments and accessories. She famously culled her wardrobe just months before her death, auctioning off several of her defining clothing to raise money for HIV/AIDS charities, including the Stambolian dress and a blue velvet Victor Edelstein gown she wore when dancing with John Travolta at the White House. In many respects, the deal was symbolic. Diana appeared to put palace life and marriage behind by making closet room for what would have been her next chapter.

And she may have isolated herself from the royal family through fashion, which was already happening before her death, according to former stylist Harvey, who wrote that the princess avoided labels worn by her ex-family. husband’s Carlson remarked, “I don’t think she’d dress like the other royals.” “And I believe she would have dressed in a way that reflected her own life, her own experiences, her own sentiments, and her own comfort, rather than following fashion or anyone’s expectations.”

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