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and an expansive private realm. Some Americans at present have fun the liberating of the person from the dogmatic constraints of religious morality and the liberation of personal lives — even spiritual lives — from the constraints of church. Certainly we can no longer say that Americans are bound by a common religious morality when it comes, say, to marriage and the family. And our Supreme Court has led the best way in affirming “relational autonomy,” or the person’s selection about how to assemble his free private identity. A nation that has just lately become very pro-selection in relation to contraception, divorce, homosexuality, and identical-sex marriage has definitely achieved a brand new start of freedom from religion in public life. And increasingly more Americans — though nonetheless a fairly small minority — agree with our “new atheists” that “faith poisons every little thing” and that just about the entire repressive pathologies that have distorted the world may be traced again to spiritual authority. We can say that Americans are freer than ever from the intrusive affect of churches as organized our bodies of thought and motion. Religion, Tocqueville reminds us, is definitely a limit on the liberty of the isolated, self-obsessed individual. The loves and demands it places upon us draw us out of ourselves. Our private and social duties turn out to be magnified of their importance to us. So it is by way of religion that Americans gain a way of frequent morality and customary duties, and thru faith that Americans develop confident of the equality of all distinctive and irreplaceable creatures under God. It is through faith that Americans have come to imagine that common training should be greater than techno-vocational, because every of us is more than a merely productive being with pursuits. Freedom of faith is nice for political life, insofar as political motion may be limited to matters that don’t require the controversial shaping of souls or intrusions into the realm of conscience. But freedom of religion, Alexis de Tocqueville explained, is very good for religion, because it offers churches the flexibility to maintain their independence as bodies of thought and action resisting the skeptical, materialistic, and even freedom-denying or passively fatalistic excesses of democracy. Parenting is severe and deliberate in our cognitive-elite families , while it’s usually getting worse amongst most Americans. Although odd Americans may have more conventional “family values” than our sophisticates, they appear less and fewer able to acting on them. Their households are getting extra pathological, with extra single moms, deadbeat dads, and dependence on the federal government. Their de facto affirmation of marriage highlights the emotional shortcomings of being merely a productive and consuming particular person, of being bourgeois and bohemian. Marriage and children move us from serious about our individual freedom and productivity and toward thinking about the

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