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Fisher, B., Balmford, A., Ferraro, P. J., Glew, L., Mascia, M., Naidoo, R., & Ricketts, T. H. . Moving Rio forward and avoiding 1 more years with little evidence for efficient conservation coverage. Conserv Biol, 8, . The Convention on Biological Diversity’s Aichi Target eleven mandates that 17% of terrestrial and 1% of marine environments be conserved in protected areas by . Such simple numeric indicators act as motivators and a measure of progress. But striving to satisfy the stipulated coverage mustn’t compromise the conference’s broader objective of maximizing biodiversity. Shapiro, A. C., Aguilar-Amuchastegui, N., Hostert, P., & Bastin, J. F. . Using fragmentation to assess degradation of forest edges in Democratic Republic of Congo. Carbon balance and management, eleven, 11. Naidoo, R., Fisher, B., Manica, A., & Balmford, A. . Estimating economic losses to tourism in Africa from the illegal killing of elephants. Nature Communications, 7. Mahajan, S. L. & Daw, T. . Perceptions of ecosystem companies and advantages to human nicely-being from group-primarily based marine protected areas in Kenya. Marine Policy, 74, . Resource use was investigated at 34 Litopenaeus vannamei and five Penaeus monodon farms in Thailand and 3 L. vannamei and 4 P. monodon farms in Vietnam. Farms varied in water surface areas for manufacturing, reservoirs, canals, and settling basins; in pond size and depth; and in water administration, stocking density, feeding price, modification input, aeration rate, crop length, and crops per 1 months. Production of L. vannamei averaged 17.three and 1.9?m.t./ha/yr, and feed conversion ratio averaged 1.forty nine and 1.33 in Thailand and Vietnam, respectively. On common, production of 1?m.t. of L. vannamei required .fifty eight?ha land, 5,four hundred?m3 water, 6?GJ power, and 118?kg wildfish in Thailand and 1.seventy six?ha land, 15,1?m3 water, 33.7?GJ energy, and 164?kg wildfish in Vietnam. Resource use per metric ton of shrimp declined with higher production depth. In Thailand, P. monodon was produced at zero.–.4?m.t./ha/yr, with no inputs but water and postlarvae. In Vietnam, P. monodon manufacturing averaged 3.6?m.t./ha/yr. Production of 1?m.t. of P. monodon required .8?ha land, 36,?m3 water, 47.eight?GJ vitality, and 118?kg wildfish, and resource use per ton manufacturing declined with rising manufacturing depth. Advani, N. K., Kenkel, C. D., Davies, S. W.,

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