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1. These public rebukes of the traditional advertising model demonstrated what most trade professionals already knew—their business was in need of change in, and some even mentioned reinvention of, its economics, creativity, and relationship with Page 300consumers. The advertising business is dealing with its “chaos state of affairs,” or as media author Bob Garfield referred to as it, “a jarring media universe in which conventional types of mass entertainment swiftly disappear and advertisers are left within the lurch” in Klosterman, 2005, p. 63. This new, jarring media universe is solid by the interplay of converging technologies and the modifications they drive in how, when, and why folks eat them . Another necessary principle of democracy is that self-governing folks govern greatest with full entry to data. This is the rationale our culture is so suspicious of censorship. The expertise gap feeds a second obstacle to virtual democracy, the data gap. Those with out the requisite expertise could have diminished access to the data it makes available. In other words, they’ll suffer from a form of technologically imposed censorship. Critics of the information gap level to troubling examples of different media failures to ship important data to all residents. Cable tv subscribership is lowest among urban working-class and poor individuals. Many newspapers, uninterested in these similar people as a result of they don’t possess the demographic profile coveted by advertisers, don’t promote their papers within the neighborhoods in which they live and, in some massive cities, do not even deliver there. For the same cause, there are precious few shopper magazines geared toward less well-off people. If the know-how gap creates a fair wider information hole than already exists between these audiences and different residents, democracy will surely endure from what social scientists name the knowledge hole, growing variations in knowledge, civic exercise, and literacy between better-knowledgeable and fewer-knowledgeable Americans. Page 251The greatest way to bridge the expertise, information, and knowledge gaps is to shut the digital divide, an effort that has taken up the interest of a number of non-public and public entities. For example, the FCC, via its E-Rate program, invests about $1 billion a year to provide, broaden, and upgrade broadband Internet access to American schools and libraries with cash raised from the common service charge you see on your phone bill. Cable giant Comcast provides low-cost broadband service, as little as $10 a month, for households dwelling in poverty. Despite important resistance from local MSOs , 300 cities and cities across America provide their residents low-cost broadband. In 2015 the Obama administration signaled its intention to forbid state legislatures from outlawing this so-called municipal broadband. The try was defeated by a 2016 court decision, so these restrictions stay on the books in 23 states. Still, municipal broadband continues to


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