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radio and sound recording. We revisit the approaching of broadcasting and see how the expansion of radio’s regulatory, financial, and organizational structures led to the medium’s golden age. The chapter covers how television changed radio and produced the medium with which we are now familiar. We review the scope and nature of contemporary radio, especially its rebirth as a local, fragmented, specialized, personal, and cell medium. We examine how these characteristics serve advertisers and listeners. The chapter then explores the relationship between radio, the trendy recording trade, popular music, and the way in which new and converging applied sciences serve and problem all three. The comfort of algorithm-primarily based music preference—and what meaning for the music we hear—conjures up our dialogue of media literacy. Media-literate journal readers are critical thinkers who make impartial judgments about content material. They assume critically about media messages, and so they have heightened expectations of the content material they read. You’ll need to have all these skills to complete this problem. In print or on-line, choose your favorite journal and find all the content material, both editorial and advertising, that exhibits pictures of people. Identify the pictures that seem to have been digitally enhanced or modified. Critics and proponents alike acknowledge that virtually each picture appearing in a client journal has been altered. How many did you find? What have been your clues? How do you’re feeling concerning the follow, and do you think the magazine had the right to make these alterations? What do your answers say about your understanding and respect for the ability of media messages, your expectations of journal content material, and your ability to assume critically in regards to the messages in magazines? You could wish to meet this challenge individually, utilizing your favourite publication, or make it a competition. You can have totally different individuals examining the identical journal to see who can find the greatest variety of alterations, or you can have teams compete in opposition to one another looking at an array of titles. As we’ve seen, the transfer toward specialization in magazines was pressured by the emergence of television as a mass-viewers, national promoting medium. But tv once more—specifically cable tv—ultimately came to challenge the preeminence of magazines as Page 112a specialised advertising medium. Advertiser-supported cable channels survive using exactly the identical strategy as magazines—they ship to advertisers a relatively massive number of customers who have some necessary demographic trait in common. Similar competitors also comes from specialised on-line content providers, such as ESPN’s a number of sports-oriented websites and the Discovery Channel Online. Magazines are well positioned to fend off these challenges for a number of reasons. First is

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