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sign, whereas the relation of equality stays undisturbed. Thus, will probably be of its hardness or solidity, but by purpose of the indestructibleness of its movement. The ether, therefore, is in contrast to any of the types of matter which we can weigh and measure. In some respects it resembles a fluid, in some respects a strong. It is each exhausting and elastic to an virtually inconceivable diploma. It fills all material bodies like a sea during which the atoms of the fabric our bodies are as islands, and it occupies the whole of what we name empty area. It is so delicate that a disturbance in any part of it causes a “tremour which is felt on the floor of countless worlds.” Our old experiences of matter give us no account of any substance like this; but the undulatory theory of light obliges us to admit such a substance, and that theory is as nicely established as the speculation of gravitation. Obviously we’ve right here an enlargement of our experience of matter. The evaluation of the phenomena of sunshine and radiant warmth has brought us into psychological relations with matter in a special state from any by which we beforehand knew it. For the supposition that the ether could also be something essentially totally different from matter is contradicted by all of the terms we’ve used in describing it. Strange and contradictory as its properties may seem, are they any more strange than the properties of a fuel would seem if we had been for the first time to discover a fuel after heretofore knowing nothing but solids and liquids? I suppose not; and the conclusion implied by our authors seems to me eminently probable, that in the so-called ether we’ve simply a state of matter extra primitive than what we all know as the gaseous state. Indeed, the conceptions of matter now current, and inherited from barbarous ages, are doubtless sufficient to be crude within the excessive. It isn’t unusual that the examine of such delicate companies as heat and lightweight ought to oblige us to modify them; and it’ll not be strange if the study of electricity should entail still further revision of our concepts. We must now make some extra specific point out of the ether which carries through area the rays of heat and lightweight. In closest connection with the seen stellar universe, the vicissitudes of which we now have briefly traced, the all-pervading ether constitutes a type of unseen world outstanding sufficient from any perspective, however to which the theory of our authors ascribes capacities hitherto unsuspected by science. The very existence of an ocean of ether enveloping the molecules of material our bodies has been doubted or denied by many eminent physicists, although after all none have referred to as in query the necessity for some interstellar medium for the transmission of thermal and luminous vibrations. This

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