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have more than one clock, working in multiple path, at multiple speeds. No one can be immune to the storms that shake the world today. What happens down our streets turns into as present in our lives as what happens down our modems. This makes us present in very important and existential methods to what might be happening at nice distance, but it additionally brings with it the potential of a disconnect with what is going on round us, or close to us, if they happen not to be online. The Internet expands the horizon of every utterance or expressive act to a doubtlessly planetary level. This makes it unimaginable to imagine a purely local context or public for anything that anyone creates right now. It also de-centres the idea of the worldwide from any privileged location. No place is any kind of the centre of the world than any other anymore. As individuals who once sensed that they inhabited the mental margins of the modern world simply due to the nature of geo-political arrangements, we all know that nothing can be fairly as debilitating because the fixed manufacturing of proof of 1’s significance. The Internet has changed this one truth comprehensively. The significance, value or import of one’s statements is no longer routinely tied to the bodily facts of 1’s location alongside a nonetheless unequal geo-political map. In these dark days of disconnect, within the early years of the ultimate decade of the final century in Delhi, we plugged into one another’s nervous systems by passing a guide from one hand to another, by writing in one another’s notebooks. Connectedness meant conversation. A great deal of dialog. We grew to become one another’s databases and servers, leaning on one another’s recollections, multiplying, amplifying and anchoring the things we could imagine by sharing our desires, our speculations and our curiosities. We are a collective of three people who started pondering collectively, nearly twenty years in the past, before any considered one of us ever touched a pc, or had logged on to the Internet. Knowing what matters is greater than mere relevance. It is the skill of asking questions that have objective, that result in larger understandings. Formalizing this talent seems as unusual to us at present as a dictionary should have seemed in 1780, however I’ll wager it emerges simply as absolutely as print abundance led to complete new disciplines dedicated to organizing information for straightforward access. The want to find out what matters will encourage new modes of cyber-discrimination and even perhaps a formal science of figuring out what matters. Social media maintain great promise as discrimination tools, and AI hints at the possibility of cyber-Cicerones who would gently hold us on observe as we traverse the vastness of our on-line world in our enquiries. Perhaps the twenty first century equivalent of the Great Dictionary might be assembled by a clever machine that knows what matters most. Computers have turn out to be mental

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