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ordered by the identical system. Now, after I expend the hassle to squirrel recollections away, I store them within the litter of my onerous drive as much as I do in the labyrinth of my mind. As a outcome, I spend as a lot time organizing them, making sure I can retrieve them on demand, as I do collecting them. My memories are filed in folders within folders inside folders, simply accessible — and searchable, in case my meta-reminiscence of their location fails. And when a file becomes corrupt, all I am left with a pointer, a void the place an idea ought to be, a ghost of a departed thought. The Internet turned an occasional habit into my main way of storing knowledge. As the Web grew, my browsers started to bloat with bookmarked Websites, with sites that stored data that I deemed essential but didn’t really feel obliged to commit to reminiscence. And as search engines like google matured, I stopped bothering even with bookmarks; I quickly relied upon Altavista, Hotbot, and then Google to assist me find — and recall — ideas. My meta-memories, my tips to ideas, began being replaced by meta-meta-reminiscences, by tips that could tips that could information. Each day, my brain fills with these quasi-recollections, with pointers and with tips that could pointers, each a dusty IOU sitting the place a truth or thought ought to reside. The Internet is the final word mating floor for concepts, the supreme lekking arena for memes. Cultural and intellectual evolution depends on sex simply as much as organic evolution does; in any other case it remains a merely vertical transmission system. Sex permits creatures to attract upon mutations that occur anyplace of their species. The Internet permits folks to attract upon concepts that happen to anybody on the earth. Radio and printing did this too, and so did writing, and before that language, but the Internet has made it quick and furious. Moreover, studies show that individuals inside your social community have a profound affect in your private well being and happiness, for instance, through your contacts on the Internet and their pals . Habits and ideas spread through an unlimited Web of interconnectivity, like a virus. Behaviors can sometimes skip links — spreading to a good friend of a friend without affecting the person who connects them. In summary, within the age of the Internet, the idea of you and personhood is extra diffuse than ever earlier than. However, within the Internet Age, the “full extinguishing” never actually occurs, particularly for prominent or prolific users. For example, the number of Internet searchers for one thing you wrote might asymptotically method zero over the many years, but it’ll by no means quite reach zero. Given the ubiquity of the Internet, its databases, and search engines like google and yahoo, someone a hundred years from now might smile on something you wrote or wonder about who you have been. You may turn into a part of this future particular person’s own IPB as he

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