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Zoom has seen its corporate subscriber numbers grow more than 350%. Cloud firms are falling over themselves to tell folks “see, we informed you so! The cloud works!” Well, up to some extent. New workplace social distancing options, and cleaning standards based mostly on guidance offered by world well being organizations. We are disinfecting frequent areas extra frequently and are providing complimentary sanitization products in our areas. We’ve been working around the clock to reimagine our spaces to prioritize your health and security. We’ve also brought in consultants, working with International SOS to provide strategic direction on medical issues and quality assurance, and Bureau Veritas to audit and endorse our policies so we can constantly improve. Nonetheless, like most individuals, I find myself making the identical mistakes, time and again, forgetting that it’s only about the work. In the lead up to the publication of my last novel, I was a kite flapping whichever way the wind blew that day. A good review might send me off into the clouds; a bad evaluation would definitely plummet me to the bottom, reminding me of the unlikelihood of the e-book reaching any type of success. This seems like a reality value meditating on, at this explicit second, greater than ever. Things that, as an writer, you usually take for granted as bedrock facts of your world—a wholesome reading public with disposable time and income, or the continued solvency/existence of main publishers, for instance—all of a sudden seem made less of granite than of sand. We are advised to isolate and quarantine, and we don’t know, really, what is to come back. Now, more than ever, if you’re a writer, there may be solely you and the work-in-progress. But then, that is actually all the time the case. And so it appears to be with writing. Professor Kahneman, I assume, would agree that for an individual who does probably not enjoy the act of writing—like my old workshop friend—the pleasure of getting written a factor might never, for him, outweigh the ache of the writing itself. Novel writing presents a radical instance of trading experiential happiness for anticipated reflective happiness, absolutely one of the extreme examples of this sort of exercise that humans frequently interact in. Yet it’s a widely held article of religion that all the suffering it takes to produce—and possibly publish—a novel, will be value it. Another method of putting it is we wish to have done issues. We want to have made associate by forty. We wish to have run a marathon. We wish to have climbed Mt. Everest. And many, many people, it would appear, want to have written and revealed novels. This mechanism also accounts for why we pursue lots of our ambitions, and, arguably, for the fact of ambition itself. Ambition, fairly often, if not at all times, sacrifices existential happiness on the altar of mirrored happiness. What, in any case, is something like regulation faculty, however a 3-12 months exercise in not having enjoyable, for the

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